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Choosing Wisely

Earning livelihood is everyone’s compulsion to lead a normal life. It is necessary to accomplish day to day task. All the essentials items like food, water, electricity, home, vehicle and clothes are achievable with the influx of money. There are a plethora of ways to make bucks, but many of …

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Spend Quality Time

Leading a life with fulfilment is desired by everyone. But not everyone is that lucky to achieve that feat. Sometimes the applicants lack the stage and luck. But what if someone offers you the platform and shows you the way how to grab all the worldly happiness. How will that …

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Realize Your True Potential

Whenever people visit a guru or any church, mosque or a temple one question that they never cease to ask is the purpose of life. Why were they born on the Earth? And what will they do in life? While the almighty may not answer them directly, there is an …

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Take Your Review Carefully

Once you are born, the world becomes a part of you. The existence starts playing with your presence and you are engrossed in the situations offered to you in the meanwhile. You get your first lessons about life and people from your parents. They teach you to react to different …

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Online Gambling

Today’s generation is quite enthusiastic. They are clear in their thoughts that what they want to become and how they’ll achieve the feat. This kind of empowerment can be attributed to the growing technology and usage of the Internet. It has made the life of the people lots simpler. You …

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