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Bonuses from the Betting Sites

Bonuses from the Betting Sites

Today all the betting sites have various different bonuses. We can say that they are in struggle about who will make the best bonus among them. Because they all want to have more players, and the players want to get the best bonuses. There are variety of bonuses from the betting sites. All the bonuses are categorized as Welcome Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Cash Back Bonus, Special Bonus,  Sports Betting Bonus, Casino, and Live Casino Bonus followed up with many more bonuses. In this article, we will talk more about every bonus from the categories above.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the highest amount of bonus that you can get in any online betting or online casino website. This bonuses are given for the first deposits of the new players. Usually this bonuses have wagering requirements that you need to complete, all the wagering requirements are written in the bonus terms and conditions. The amount of the Welcome bonus can be up to 200 %. If the bonus amount is more than 100 % than you must know that this bonus is separated in more stages. For example the bonus can be separated in 3 or 2 stages. If the bonus is separated in 3 stages the bonus amounts that you will get might be as the following example: For your first deposit you can get 100 % Bonus. For your second deposit you can get 25 % bonus. And for your third deposit you can get 75 % bonus. All the bonus stages have a maximum amount that you can get for example for the first stage you might get 100 % up to 100 EUR, for the second deposit you can get 25 % up to 200 EUR and for your third deposit you might get 75 % bonus up to 150 EUR.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonuses are given for your deposit, usually you should not use your deposited balance before you get your deposit bonus. Also this bonus have wagering requirements. Similar to the Welcome Bonus. However every bonus has its own terms and conditions. For this we would recommend you to check WarOfBets website where you can find reviews of online gambling websites, bonus reviews and more.

Cash Back Bonus

The Cash Back Bonus is given if you make lose from your deposit. Usually this bonuses don’t have any wagering requirements, most of the time you can withdraw the amount you will get as a cash back bonus. However this bonus also has terms and conditions. One example of this can be that you should not get deposit bonus for your deposit if you want to get the cash back bonus. This changes from platform to platform, that’s why we would recommend you to check WarOfBets.

Special Bonus

The special bonuses are given to the players in special situations only. You can get this bonus for your registration in the website, or the website can give you a special bonus for your birthday.

And the last bonuses are for casino and for sports betting the same rules apply from the Deposit Bonus or Cash Back Bonus.


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