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Be a Decision-Maker

Life is a cat and mouse game where who wins does not matter, but the continuity is the most important aspect. It inks emotions and experiences emotions to our memories that we cherish and think about simultaneously while living it. We tend to become better versions of our self by realising the mistakes. You graze the negative portions of your experiences and look forward to scripting decent story without miseries and struggles. Who doesn’t want to live in a utopian world where everything they desire is available at their disposal? We all want a life that just has everything beautiful and feeling of fulfilment never ceases to exist. It is a fairy-tale scenario but within the purview of possibilities. It is you who gets to decide the fate of your life and no one else. The catch is do you want to be the driver of your decision making or wish to be pushed in the pillion’s seat? If you choose the former, then your life will be full of merry and prosperities.

Be a decision-maker

We often get driven away with what others have done with themselves and never think that can happen with us as well. Such narrow-mindedness is the biggest reason that we do not see a million Bill Gates living on the Earth. They never think big. To get there having a mammoth dream is essential. You should at least feel like a king or queen in your dreams. So, in a first, open the doors of your imagination. Let the fireflies of fortunes peek in. You will soon see every kind of mundane things walking towards you.  It is as simple as that. A mere change in the thought process can drive you to the ladder of success. But the only bet is, you taking the steer of your wheels.

Take up betting

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